NCE is a Niche Techno-Marketing and Distribution company in India 

With over 17 years of experience and counting, NCE has been a Trusted Partner in bringing Novel Technologies, Products & Services to the Indian research community.

Collaborated with European, American & Chinese companies, providing services ranging from Market research to Concept-selling, Stocking & Distribution.

After many “First Time in India”, and success stories, NCE is at a new threshold of expansion. NCE is going beyond the Lifescience industry and exploring opportunities in other areas.

When you work with NCE, you are working with an organisation of professionals who are Dedicated, have immense Credibility and Experience.

NCE ensures results.

History of Collaborations

INSTECH Laboratories

US-based innovative company offering Automated blood sampler, Swivels, Infusion pumps, Infusion systems & Feeding tubes

Harlan Laboratories

Preclinical CRO and supplier of Laboratory animals based in US & Europe

MPI Research

Largest single site Preclinical and Clinical CRO in US

Simbec Research

UK-based Phase I Clinical CRO


US-based producer of innovative Disposable Cages and IVCs for Laboratory Animals


Switzerland-based CRO specializing in Ion channel Ion Channel Discovery

Shanghai Medicilon

Chemistry, Biology and Preclinical services in China


Preclinical CRO in Italy specializing in Oncology

Wuxi Apptec

China-based Chemistry, Biology & Precinical CRO

MediTox (fomer Biotest)

Preclinical CRO in Czech Republic

VeruTech (former Dilab)

Automated blood sampler manufacturer based in Sweden

SMC-ROE (Schlyer Machine)

US-based cage washing machine manufacturer

E-Z systems

US based producers of Anesthesia and Euthanasia equipment


Sweden based Clinical CRO

Yes Services

European Regulatory & Pharmacovigilance services company


Swedish Software company providing Multivariate Data Analysis


German producer of Protein Kinases, providing Screening for Cancer research

BSL Bioservices

Preclinical CRO in Germany

Sequent Development

US and Ukraine-based Preclinical CRO


Swiss-based Contract laboratories focused on Histopathology services
years Experience of Marketing
LifeScience Clients
contacts in LifeScience industry
Sq. Ft Warehouse

Endless Possibilities

We value the trust of our clients and principals. We are honest and straightforward. We are all leaders in our area of responsibilities, with a deep commitment to deliver results

We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most. We have a compelling desire to improve, and to win in the marketplace

We don’t settle for anything less than excellence

We are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in the simple, not the complex

We provide novel technology, services and products of superior quality to Indian Healthcare, Medical and Research communities

We anticipate the needs of our customers, and support them for creating a better tomorrow than today

India has the largest youth population in the world. It is number 2 in GDP growth

India is going to witness huge investments in research, manufacturing and infrastructure in the coming years

There are endless possibilities for growth and development in India, and NCE will be there to make a difference

These are exciting times for India and NCE!

NCE LifeSciences

NCE LS is a pioneer in bringing novel services and products for the Clinical and Preclinical research in India. From Laboratory animals supply to Chronic toxicology studies, NCE is actively working towards improving research and animal welfare in India
Our clients – Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies, and CROs

  • Market research

  • Client visits

  • Concept selling

  • Tender participation

  • Conferences

  • Exhibitions

  • Advertisements

  • Competition analysis

  • Sales strategy

  • Sales and Logistic support

  • Stock and Sell

  • Training and Installation

  • After-sales services

  • Customer service

  • Sales prediction

Vidyan Foundation

Vidyan Foundation is a charitable organization, engaged in educational and vocational-training related charitable activities in India.

Vidyan has been operational since 2004, providing financial assistance for children’s education.

Vidyan plans to grow its activities by helping more children, as well as by joining hands with other NGOs who are engaged in similar activities.

Training teachers for schools in Rural India is another area of interest.

Who we are

Bina Ramani
Bina RamaniCEO
27 years of rich experience of various areas including R&D, Regulatory, Organization building, Marketing and Management of companies. Focus on maintaining & growing credibility through par-excellent services.
Dr Ravi Tahilramani
Dr Ravi TahilramaniDirector, Business Development
An enthusiast and explorer by nature, with a Master’s in General Medicine, a Msc Clinical Research and a family background of Business Development. I currently speak 7 languages, travel worldwide and have been part of NCE for over 5 years.
Rahul Trivedi
Rahul TrivediDirector, Technical Sales
17 years of Industrial experience. Managing own company offering IT Networking, Sales & distribution of Computer Equipment. Responsible for Institutional sales of Pharmaceutical R&D equipment at NCE.

Contact Information

NCE is interested in partnering with global companies wishing to explore the Indian market for their niche products, technologies and services.

Please contact us at :

NCE Group
1002 Pinnacle Buisiness Park,
Corporate Road, Prahladnagar,
Ahmedabad – 380015
Gujarat, INDIA

“Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital – the world’s best talents and greatest ideas”
- Jack Welch